Massage good or bad for our health?

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Massage is widely used by sportsmen and women after competing, but does it really aid muscular recuperation?

But in fact, comparative studies have yet to produce any scientific evidence of this. American researchers have been looking into the matter.

The fact is that studying the benefits of massage on cell recovery is a great deal more complicated that it might seem.

And scientists still do not know precisely what mechanisms would enable them to provide the proof needed.

The aim is therefore to put an end to the pervading empiricism … and to answer some of the most basic questions: after exertion, how long should a massage last? How many massages should one have? What is the best time to have a massage?

The American research team’s study began with rats! After undergoing different forms of exercise, the animals then had to be given massages!

To do this, researchers used a device imitating the actions of Swedish massage – the most commonly used form of massage.

One group of rodents was given this ‘massage’ treatment, while the other group was not. The results, based on mathematical data, showed that the muscles of the rats who received a massage showed fewer signs of inflammation.

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