Are anti-wrinkle creams effective?

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Do anti-wrinkle creams really do what they say? The French consumer magazine 60 millions de consommateurs (60 million consumers) has expressed strong doubts after conducting a survey of 264 women aged between 30 and 70.

Samples of twelve different products were tested. And the results don’t appear to live up to the claims.

For each of the creams tested, the researchers assessed their anti-wrinkle power, their cosmetic acceptability, ease of use, tolerance and labeling.

Generally speaking, the anti-wrinkle power of the products tested is described as moderate.

However, it seems that the use of certain creams combined with a healthy lifestyle can help maintain the skin and keep it looking good for longer.

Which makes this a good moment to remind ourselves of the principle risk factors for skin ageing: exposure to ultraviolet light and smoking.

Indeed, careless exposure to sunlight is a great deal more damaging to the skin than not using anti-ageing creams.

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