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Tiger Woods pays pornstar to keep quiet over sex tapes

The porn star, selling a purported sex tape of herself with Tiger Woods, has claimed that the golfer paid her off to not release it.

So Devon James, who claimed she had an affair with the star, is now closing the website where she collected 19.99 dollars from buyers, reports the Daily Mail.

The orders were to be shipped to buyers by December 1. But according to RadarOnline, several people who ordered the tape said they have neither received it nor had heard any explanations about it.

James’ relatives have repeatedly alleged her claims of a relationship, a tape and even a love child with Woods as attempts at self-promotion.

And she has refused to produce any portion of the alleged tape or even a screen grab as proof of its existence.

But James insisted that the tape was real and the reason it has not been shipped was due to a settlement.


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