Ugandan children fall prey to human sacrifice

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In the last 4 days, two babies have been sacrificed in Uganda. Their bodies were found along roadsides by people going to work early in the morning. Their stomachs had been ripped open and vital organs removed.

According to police, one of the bodies, of about 2 months, was found only 4 kilometres away from the capital, Kampala, at Bukoto. Another of 6 months was found in another town, Entebbe, 25 kilometres east of Kampala.

“The two incidents, show that child sacrifice is still rampant in Uganda although security agencies work hard to ensure that it does not take place”
said Uganda police official, George Mawa.

The police revealed that although incidents of child sacrifice had decreased in the last two years, after police and other security agencies mounted operations in which over 10 people suspected to be involved in the nefarious act were arrested, there are indications to the effect that the atrocious activity is back in full swing.

“In 2008 over 250 cases of child sacrifice were reported and in 2009 they dropped to 150 after police arresting some of those involved,” George Mawa said.

The police official believes that child sacrifice are practiced by witchdoctors who claim that such acts make their customers rich. The witchdoctors, according to him, give charms to those who go to them seeking to become rich fast and advise them to wear or use them after sacrificing children.

Mr. George Mawa has however promised that the police will leave no stone unturned in fighting the vice.

Meanwhile, Human Rights organizations in the eastern African country have decried the high levels of child rights abuse. They claim that although there is a general improvement in the human rights situation in the country, the rights of children have continued to be violated.

The national coordinator of the Human Rights Network in Uganda Mohammed Ndifuna says that “child sacrifice and other forms of abuse against children are very common in Uganda and (has) dominated the country’s media this year. We urge the government to take up the challenge and address the situation.”

Ndifuna wants leaders of African countries who are signatories to the Universal Human rights declaration to respect the charter and improve the human rights situation in their respective countries.

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