Safety measures for hedge-trimmer and chainsaw use

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The use of hedge trimmers has been proven to cause serious injuries. Always utilise them in dry weather, because using electrical equipment on wet grass is a recipe for disaster. Wear protective trousers, gloves and shoes.

Watch out for the power cable. Many safety harnesses are available to hold the cable behind the user’s shoulder, thus avoiding accidentally cutting through it.

If you must trim a tall hedge, use a suitable platform. And most importantly, do not use an unstable stepladder or, worse still, a stool. Unplug the trimmer before adjusting or cleaning it. After use, store out of the reach of children.

In the case of chainsaws, most injuries caused are associated with the chain breaking or pieces of wood flying around. It is essential to wear safety clothing, gloves, an anti-noise helmet and goggles. Also, when purchasing, remember to ask for a demonstration.

Always hold the equipment firmly, with both hands. As well, as with any hedge trimmer, use a platform rather than a ladder, which tends to be unstable.

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