Advantages of exercise over smoking enormous

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When you give up smoking, seize the opportunity to take up some form of exercise. This is an excellent idea for a number of reasons, including weight regulation and personal motivation. However, to avoid problems occurring, it is best to adapt your exercise regime to your physical condition. And if running, rowing or tennis seem too difficult, simply start with walking.

Smokers often dread the extra weight that is frequently associated with quitting smoking. But taking up some form of exercise can help you to let off steam and prevent possible weight gain.

Ex-smokers experience greater benefits from giving up smoking if they begin exercising. Their breathing improves, as does their ability to recover, and exercising itself becomes less difficult. What’s more, their blood pressure drops and their good cholesterol level rises. Concentrating on physical activity and feeling more relaxed also causes ex-smokers to feel less like lighting up another cigarette.

Nicotine has a laxative effect, so constipation can become an unpleasant side effect of quitting smoking. But exercising regularly can help bring intestinal transit into balance more quickly. Try endurance sports such as running, cycling or swimming. You can do these at your own pace and the exercise will be more regular. This will also help reduce pressure on the body and your cardiovascular system. If you are over 40 and have smoked a lot, go for a health check-up before joining a club. But whatever the case, going for a walk is always an option – and it’s an excellent first step forward.

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