The Do Cambuá: Angola’s new doggy-style dance

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The year 2011 will be represented by a cat in the Chinese horoscope. In Angola it is already, without the slightest doubt, the year of the dog. A new urban dance in Angola, the Do Cambuá, has shot temperatures up in an already overheated country.

The Do Cambuá, a variant of the Angolan dance Kuduro, simply means “to do the dog” in local slang (a mixture of Portuguese and Kimbundu). The rule is simple: gyrate your bum like a dog wiggling its tail, while mimicking the movements of a particularly restless canine.

Dreaming of burning those extra calories after the excesses of two successive and gluttonous end-of-year parties? Seeking to impress (or depress) a potential mother-in-law? Try the Do Cambuá, the new no-holds-barred urban dance in Angola and the Lusophone world.

This video is an exclusive invitation to discover this new dance that is seemingly easier to pronounce.

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The Do Cambuá was born in the popular neighborhoods of the city of Luanda, the Angolan capital. The inspiration came from the many stray dogs that roam the streets.

Made famous by the group Degala, who throw an invitation to all their listeners to show it all (“mostra mostra todo”), the Do Cambuá lacks elegance… on purpose. It’s an inelegance compensated for by the dance’s creativity and entertainment value.

Despite its success, the dance is predictably frowned upon by many. Critics argue that the Do Cambuá is tearing down the already flimsy walls of morality among the youth. Conversely, the controversy has only added to the success of the dance.

Doing the Do Cambuá involves mustering the courage to scratch your ears and wind your butt on all fours like a restless, hungry, itchy, sex-crazed stray dog, possibly in front of potential in-laws.

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