Basketball injuries are all too common

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In North America, playing basketball is resulting an increasing number of head injuries. In 11 years, the number of such injuries has increased by 70%, while the overall number of injuries fell by 22%. The height and strength of basketball players appears to be to blame.

A team of American researchers has been looking into changes that have occurred in injuries caused by basketball among young people. According to their study, around four million basketball players between the ages of five and 19 needed medical treatment during this 11-year period. Researchers were surprised to discover a 70% leap in the number of cranial traumas.

This may be explained by the increased size and strength of the players. Nowadays, even female basketball players are increasingly muscular. It is also worth noting that basketball is a sport being played at a younger and younger age, and that competition in this sport is also increasingly intense.

To reduce risk, researchers are calling on trainers and parents alike to discourage any form of play that is too aggressive or overly physical.

Although on the decline, other injuries are also suffered when playing basketball. The most common are lower limb sprains, particularly ankle sprains. Fractures and dislocations to the hands and fingers also remain quite common.

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