Ugandans angry as Kenyan Vice President joins Museveni campaigns

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Opposition in Uganda has attacked president Museveni for involving foreign
politicians in his campaigns.

This comes after Kenyan Vice President Dr Steven Kalonzo Musyoka joined
Museveni’s campaign trail yesterday, Thursday at rallies in the district of Kibale, about 400 kms west of Kampala, the Ugandan capital.

Said Kalonzo, “Am in Uganda to show solidarity with the people of Uganda.
The forthcoming National elections will not only affect Ugandans but also
the people of East Africa.”

Kalonzo who was accompanied by the Kenyan Minister of Information Hon. Samuel Lusuron Pognisio, told the excited crowd that he brought warm greetings from the President Of Kenya H.E Mwai Kibaki to the people of Uganda.

The Kenyan Vice President pointed out that stability, unity and economic progress in the region depends on the good leadership of President Museveni.

“Mr. President the stability of this region depends on your leadership, we have no doubt that under your leadership, Uganda has enjoyed peace. We know how much you care for all of us in this region. Therefore stability and progress for Uganda is stability and progress for Kenya,” he said.

He said Museveni was a Pan-Africanist whose leadership in the region and the continent is admirable because of his vision for the integration of East Africa.

“Through his efforts along with his colleagues Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and now Rwanda and Burundi have become one big family.”

The Kenyan Minister of Information Hon. Samuel Lusuron Pognisio in his brief address advised the people of Uganda to continue with the government that had proved its capabilities of running the country.

But opposition spokesman, Nelson Bwagu says that “Museveni’s time is over.
Whether he brings strong politicains like Obama he will not win the coming

Nelson argues that the Ugandan Prensident’s decision to invite the Kenyan Vice President to join his campaign trail “means he has run short of words to tell voters and he needs help from other politicians.”

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