Eyelashes, eyebrows – do they serve any useful purpose?

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The common expression is that eyes are windows to the soul, but eyelashes and eyebrows also have their role to play.

Anger, doubt and astonishment -– eyebrows very often reveal emotions. And a simple flutter of the eyelashes can become a powerful weapon in the armory of seduction. But putting these aesthetic considerations to one side, do eyebrows and eyelashes play any role in our health?

These hairs that frame our gaze are often disregarded and neglected, yet they perform a role that is as much functional as aesthetic.

The main role of the eyebrows is to protect our eyes from drops of rain or sweat. They act like gutters, collecting moisture and diverting it sideways. But contrary to what some may think, the eyebrows do not really offer any shock-absorbing effect on the brow bone, though the fact that they are situated on a projecting part of the face does help to protect our eyes.

Our eyelashes also have a useful role to play in preventing dust and foreign bodies entering our eyes. They help to alleviate the impact of sunlight on the eyes by acting like blinds as well. Each eye has around 200 eyelashes which are renewed every three to five months.

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