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New government formed in Tunisia: List of Ministers
Tunisian Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi has unveiled a list of 20 new Ministers for the northern African country’s "unity government". The new Ministers will be charged with running the country until presidential and legislative elections are held. No date has been given for the electoral process.

Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi retains his job in a new "unity government" unveiled today. Six members from ousted President Ben Ali’s government are also part of the list of 20 ministers charged with running state affairs until presidential and legislative elections are held.

After eliminating the Ministry of Information, three recognized opposition members have been invited to join the new government: Najib Chebbi, leader of tParti démocratique progressiste (PDP), Moustapha Ben Jaafar, President of Forum démocratique pour le travail et la liberté (FDTL) and Ahmed Ibrahim of the Ettajdid Party.

No date has been given for the electoral process.

List of Ministers

- Prime Minister: Mohamed Ghannouchi

- Minister of Justice: Lazhar Karoui Chebbi

- Defense Minister: Ridha Grira 

- Minister of Religious Affairs: Karwi Mizouri 

- Minister of Regional and Local Development: Ahmed Najib Chebbi 

- Minister of Higher Education: Ahmed Brahim 

- Minister of Commerce and Tourism: Mohamed Jgham 

- Health Minister: Mustapha Ben Jaafar 

- Interior Minister: Ahmed Friaa 

- Foreign Minister: Kamel Morjane 

- Education Minister: Tayeb Baccouch 

- Minister of Social Affairs: Moncer Ruissi 

- Agriculture Minister: Habib Mbarek 

- Minister of Planning and International Cooperation: Muhammad Nouri Jouini 

- Minister of Administrative Development: Zuhair Mdhafer 

- Minister of Finance: Ridha Chalghoum 

- Minister of Culture: Moufida Tletli 

- Minister for Women: Lilia Abidi 

- Minister of Transport: Slah Eddine Malouch 

- Minister of Youth and Sports: Muhammad Aloulou 

- Minister of Industry and Technology: Afif Chalbi

- Secretary of State: Abdelhakim Bouraoui

- Secretary of State for Youth: Slim Amamou

- Central Bank Governor: Mostafa Kamel Nebli