Posting of Ethiopian South Sudan poll results begin

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Polling stations established in Ethiopia for the South Sudan referendum have began posting preliminary results.

As South Sudan residents of Ethiopia await results from Benshangul and Assosa, Ethiopia’s border towns to South Sudan, early results have shown a massive vote for secession by South Sudan residents of Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital.

Preliminary results from the South Sudan independence referendum vote count in Ethiopia have shown that only one individual, out of the total 952 registered voters from two polling stations in Addis Ababa, voted for unity.

So far, 938 of the registered South Sudanese have voted for secession, preliminary result of the two polling stations revealed. 13 votes are believed to have been spoiled.

South Sudan’s independence referendum vote counting in Ethiopia ended on Sunday with initial results overwhelmingly in favor of separation from the north, the Government of South Sudan office in Addis Ababa said on Monday.

The Government of South Sudan’s (GOSS) liaison office in Addis Ababa also announced that a total of 98.4 percent of voters in Addis Ababa voted in favor of secession.

Prior to the polls, the Sudan referendum committee established three polling stations in areas with high concentration of South Sudanese residents.

Meanwhile, election coordinators of the referendum in Addis Ababa are expected to announce detailed results of the referendum at a press conference, soon.

A total of 7,253 south Sudanese cast their votes in Ethiopia.

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