Opposition warns of protests in Uganda

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Opposition in Uganda has warned that should the forthcoming elections be
rigged, they would resort to protests like those taking place in Ivory coast, Tunisia and Egypt. But government has warned that protests will not be tolerated.

Retired colonel Doctor Dr. Kiiza Besigye, leader of Uganda’s main opposition party and presidential candidate for the February 18 polls, while addressing the press today in Kampala, the country capital, said that if the elections are rigged protests might take place.

“If the elections are rigged like it was done in the past elections, I will not go to court. I will seek for public court,” said Kiiza Besigye, who is among the seven other candidates to stand against incumbent Yoweri Museveni.

In 2006, Besigye contested the east African country’s election results saying that there had been rampant rigging. Court concurred with him that indeed there had been some rigging but it was not enough to lead to cancellation of the elections’ results.

According to Besigye “protests are inevitable in countries where members of the public are mistreated” and that governments who mistreat their citizens should not be surprised when they experience protests. He also said that change can only come through collective efforts.

“We will not tolerate protests. We have fought many wars and can not fail
to stop protests” said Uganda’s minister of information,Kabakumba Matsiko.

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