Several arrested for insulting Uganda president

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Twenty people have been arrested in Uganda for booing president Museveni at a campaign rally.

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has in the past two months been traversing the country as he campaigns for the February 18 presidential elections.

While addressing a rally last Friday at Buwama trading centre, about 40 kilometres west of Kampala, the capital, a group of people started booing and hurling insults at him.

“A group of young men, who seem to be from one of the opposition parties started shouting at the president immediately he started making his speech” said a police officer, Thomas Bwire, who was at the scene.

According to Bwire, the group shouted: “‘we are tired of you, you have been in power for long enough,’ while others said ‘you are a dictator. You are power hungry. You do not want others to rule.'”

The policeman confirmed that the twenty people who hurled the “inuslts” at the president were arrested after the rally and will be taken to court and be “charged with befitting charges”.

Meanwhile the inspector general of Uganda police, Kale Kayihura, has warned members of the public against attending presidential campaign rallies of persons they don’t support in order to avoid chaos.

“People should avoid attending rallies of candidates they do not support because they might end up misbehaving. Abusing and insulting presidential, parliamentary candidates at their campaigns is against the laws of Uganda,” Kayihura said during a press interview.

“Police” warns Kayihura, “will arrest people who abuse candidates at rallies” explaining that such acts could spark off mob justice and riots.

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