Treating serious or superficial burns

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Burns, whether superficial or deep, should not be taken lightly given that they are prone to complications and superintfections. A few tips on what to do in the event of a burn.

 If the burn is superficial, cool it down by placing it under a cold tap for at least 5 minutes, or until the pain stops. You can then prevent a blister forming by applying a generous layer of a moisturising product such as Biafine, or its generic form Trolamine Biogaran. Do not apply alcohol. Even if you consider the burn to be superficial, it is still advisable to seek advice from your pharmacist, who will be able to tell you whether you need to see a doctor.

 If the burn is more serious … If a burn affects more than 2% of the surface of the body, or if it affects the eyes, the face or the genitals, the hands or the feet, your response is clear: you need to call the emergency medical services. A triage doctor will ask you some questions on the basis of your answers will decide whether you need to go to hospital or require an emergency consultation.

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