11 year old girl suffers 8 month rape ordeal by 14 men

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An 11 year-old girl was raped by 14 men, including eight juveniles and six grown up men, for a period spanning eight months.

Police in Lupane in North West Zimbabwe have arrested 14 men for allegedly raping an 11 year old girl, the state controlled Chronicle on Tuesday reported.

According to the publication, the local police confirmed that the abuse took place during the girl’s stay with her 75 year old grandmother between March, 2010, and January this year.

“We have arrested 14 suspects in connection with rape cases involving an 11 year old girl who was a pupil at a local school (…) she did not report the incidents to anyone” police are quoted saying.

The suspects, aged between 12 and 63 years, among whom eight are juveniles, allegedly raped the young girl in the bush while she herded her grandmother’s cattle.

The victim, whose name has been withheld, reportedly told the police that the suspects had, on different instances, pounced on her during nights when she slept in the open after missing some cattle.

The abuse only came to light when the young girl’s class teacher “noticed that her academic performance was deteriorating”. The teacher also indicated that young girl frequently slept during lessons.

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