Egypt: Gamel Mubarak goes into hiding

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The son of ousted Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, is desperately seeking a hiding place for himself and his family in the United Kingdom.

According to reports circulating in the local media, Gamal Mubarak, the ex-Egyptian president’s first son fled the civil unrest in Egypt with his wife and daughter to seek refuge in London.

Gamal, 47, who was widely expected to take the reins of leadership after his father before the January uprising that deposed the ex-leader, was said to be living in a multi-million-Pound mansion in one of the most prestigious areas in the city.

And according to an investigation carried out by the Evening Standard, the house-keeper has probably been informed to tell reporters that the house has been sold and that the Egyptian dictator’s son no longer lives at the address.

Other reports have suggested that Gamal’s wife, Khadiga, is living at a secret address in London with their daughter who was born in London last year.

The political unrest that put an end to his father’s three-decade grip on power ended couple of weeks ago and ultimately ended his own hope of becoming the president of Egypt.

Also a British Citizen, Gamal worked at the London office of the Bank of America as an investment banker in the 1990s and afterwards set up his own private equity fund, Medinvest, which he longer has a part in.

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