Bomb suspect extradited from Tanzania to Uganda

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A man suspected to have transported explosives used by suicide bombers to kill over 70 people in Uganda has been extradited from Tanzania to Uganda.

70 people died on July 11th 2010 when two suicide bombers detonated explosive devices bombs at two venues in Kampala, the Ugandan capital, showing the World Cup final match between Spain and Holland.

The director of anti terrorism department in Uganda police, Abbas Byakagaba, while addressing the press in Kampala Tuesday revealed that “a 31 year old man called Sulaiman Nyamandono has been extradited from Tanzania to Uganda. He is believed to be the one who transported the bombs which killed over 70 people into Uganda from Somalia.”

The suspect joins over twenty suspects already being held in Uganda and will be taken to court soon to answer charges of terrorism and murder.

Byakagaba said that the extradition was officially made through Tanzanian
courts of law while recognising the complicity between countries in the region and their efforts to stamp out the threat of terrorism together.

Islamist group, El Shabab from Somalia, later claimed responsibility saying that it was to punish Uganda for sending peace keeping troops to Somalia.

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