Libya: Israeli music video featuring Gaddafi speech hits youtube top

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Whilst Muammar Gaddafi’s eccentric lifestyle has been a subject of constant amazement within political circles, the entertainment industry might view things differently. A music video (below) of the Libyan dictator’s speech, following anti-government protests in the North African country, has become an instant hit on the internet.

A music video entitled Zenga Zenga, made and released by, Noy Alooshe, has become a youtube hit. The rather amusing dance music video features the embattled Libyan leader in an erratic speech threatening to cleanse the country “inch by inch, home by home, alley by alley”.

In spite of its origin, the music video is gaining great popularity among youths from the Arab speaking world. 31-year old Noy Alooshe, the brain behind the track, is Isreali. According to him, his work has garnered support “from people in the Arab world who knew my identity and told me that this mix had become a sort of rallying anthem”…

The “rallying anthem” has been used as background music for Libyan opposition voices on the internet. Noy Alooshe says he has “received messages from internet surfers across the Arab world” most of who “do not even know that I’m a Jewish Israeli.”

But reaction from those who know his identity has been surprising. “Someone from Egypt wrote: ‘It’s true that you’re Israeli and I hate you, but you made an amazing remix.'” he says.

YouTube video

Although the so-called Libyan guide’s speech has contributed to the bloodbath that has caused the massacre of hundreds of anti-government protesters, what the video capitalizes on is Muammar Gaddafi’s eccentric outfit, manners and rhyming words.

“Repeating the words ‘Zenga zenga’, his unique outfit, lifting his arms up in triumph like he’s at a party – I just added some club music to it and thought it would be a funny joke” says Noy.

Aloosha Noy, who originates from Tunisia, is member of “Hovevei Tzion”, a famous band from Tel Aviv, Israel. Their hit single “Rotze Banot” (I want girls) was released in 2007.

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