Declare war on allergens in the home

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Up until the age of 12 months, the main allergens your child is likely to be exposed to are eggs, groundnuts and cow’s milk. Between the ages of 1 and 3, add fish. Eviction diets, i.e. the total removal from the diet of the allergens to blame, is really the only effective treatment for such allergies. In theory, one should be able to identify possible allergens from the labeling on industrially produced foods.

Many solutions are possible when it comes to removing dust and mites from the home: from special duvet covers to sprays. However, it’s never possible to get rid of them completely but you can reduce their presence by taking some practical steps.

Measures such as eradicating cockroaches (often easier said than done), installing an air purifier, dealing with pets, removing carpets from bedrooms and vacuuming soft furnishings all take time, but their effectiveness in getting rid of allergens is highly proven.

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