Several Ugandans arrested over protests

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Eight people who gathered to protest against President Yoweri Museveni, who they say “rigged” the recent elections, have been arrested by police in Kampala, the Ugandan capital.

The arrest followed over two hours of protests during which the demonstrators were beaten up by a group of pro-Museveni supporters and police officers.

The protesters carried placards denouncing President Yoweri Museveni and what they called his dictatorial regime.

Deputy police spokesman, Vincent Sekate confirmed that the police had “arrested eight of the protesters.” According to him, the protesters “were beating up people and pelting vehicles with stones.”

This is the first protest since the announcement of the country’s February 18, 2011, presidential elections which was won by Museveni. All the seven candidates who stood with Museveni rejected the results with some threatening to hold protests.

President Museveni, while speaking at his re-election victory party recently
threatened to “eat” those who intend to protest like ”cakes”.

Yesterday, two former presidential candidates, Olala Otunnu and Sam Lubega, announced that they would hold demonstrations today (Wednesday) at Railway ground.

After the protest call, deputy police spokesman, Vincent Sekatte, warned the opposition against holding protests in the city saying that security forces will forcefully disperse the protesters.

The protesters failed to gather at the the Railway ground following a heavy deployment of security forces to quell the planned protests. It is however not known whether Olala Otunnu and Sam Lubega engineered today’s demonstration.

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