Ethiopia to overthrow Eritrean government?

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Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia has revealed that his government has embarked on new strategy that targets Eritrean president Isayas Afwerki, his arch foe, and government.

“We (have) reached a political decision to change our strategy which has been passive for the past years and focuses only on detering Eritrea’s attacks and destablizing Ethiopia,” Meles told local media last weekend.

On Wednesday March 16, Berehane Gebrejirstos, state minister for Foriegn Affairs, reiterated the Prime Minister’s position while announcing that it had become public knowledge that Eritrea was engaged in destabilizing the current peace, development and democratization process of Ethiopia.

“But, this kind of aggression has to end soon,” the state minister warned.

And although no official has been available to discuss what the Meles Zenawi administration intends to do to stop the Eritrean “aggression”, the Prime Minister has indicated that diplomacy, political or any necessary means will be utilized.

Meanwhile, Opposition Democratic Movment for the Liberation of Eritrean Kunama (DMLEK), a member group of a larger Eritrean opposition coalition — Eritrean Democratic Alliance – has become the first Eritrean opposition party to welcome Ethiopia’s announced plan.

Kornidios Osman Agar, chairman of DMLEK, is reported saying that Ethiopia’s new strategy is neccessary to topple the Asmara government. An action he believes will be in the interest of all Eritreans and the Horn of Africa region at large.

The DMLEK chairman further confirmed playing a role in realizing Ethiopia’s plan, which according to observers is in line with Kornidios Osman Agar’s political interest.

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