Ugandan students stranded in Libya soon to be evacuated

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Over 20 Ugandan students are stranded in the battle that hit Libya at the beginning of 2011.

According to the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
James Mugume, government is doing all it can to evacuate the Ugandan students in Libya.

The students have continuously requeted the government of Uganda to help them leave Libya and return home.

James Mugume said: “We are aware of our students in Libya. We are
making arrangements to evacute them.”

He said that so far they had made contact with 23 Ugandan students in Libya.

He said, “Our embassy in Libya is processing their travel documents
to ensure they are evacuated as soon as possible.” He added that those who do not want to come back now are free to let the government know when to be picked up in case they change their minds.

He said that that due to the no fly zone imposed on the war torn
country, the students can only leave Tripoli by road to Tunisia where
they will get a plane to fly them to Uganda.

One of the students, Ahmed Mwanga said, “We want to leave Libya as
soon as possible. The situation here is terrible”

However, there has been no mention of those Ugandans who are there doing their businesses. Earlier this year, a group of nine students were brought back home following the unrest in the North African country.

“We spent two days at Tripoli International Airport where there were thousands of people struggling to flee the country”, said to New Vision Bbale, a third year information and communication technology student.

“Sometimes it rained so heavily and we got soaked. But I am happy to get home.”

“We only learnt of the situation on TV stations such as Al Jazeera. Otherwise, it is difficult to tell that there is chaos in the country by looking around Tripoli”, Wasige added.

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