British Police will quiz former Libyan Minister

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The defected Libyan foreign minister, Moussa Koussa will be visited by British police in the next few days for questioning over what he knows about the 1988 Pan Am flight 103 bombing where 270 people were killed.

Koussa who was until last week Libyan foreign minister fled to London via Tunisia on a private jet to escape the current assault by correlation troops and a possible trial if Ghadafi’s government falls.

But Koussa who hopes his defection will give him immunity after talks with the British foreign minister, William Hague, was soon to find out that abandoning Ghadafi, his long term associate to please the British government and its allies was not as easy as he thought.

Now more pressure is piling on the British government not to allow Koussa who was alleged to be heavily involved in the Lockerbie bombing, immunity. Prosecutors investigating the bombing said they were hoping to meet Koussa “in the next few days”.

Investigators have contacted the foreign office in London to request access to the former Libyan minister.

“We can confirm that representatives of the Crown Office and Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary met with Foreign and Commonwealth Office officials this afternoon to discuss the situation concerning Mr Moussa Koussa and specifically to discuss access to Mr Moussa Koussa.

“It was a very positive meeting and steps are being taken with a view to arranging a meeting with Mr Moussa Koussa at the earliest opportunity in the next few days.”

There have however been controversies over Mr Koussa’s fate who was said to have arrived in London on his own accord. William Hague, said Moussa is not under house arrest but will also not be given immunity over links to several atrocities linked to the government of Col. Ghadafi since the 1980s.

Today, it was reported that Mr Hague has signalled the lifting of EU travel ban and asset freeze on the Libyan strong man but claimed that there is no deal with Mr Koussa for abandoning Ghadafi.

Meanwhile Ghadafi’s son, Saif al-Islam has dismissed reports that his father’s former right-hand man has any information about Lockerbie. He said Mr Koussa “is a sick and old man” who has no secrets, adding that he and his father do not feel betrayed by his defection to London.

Lawyers representing families of the Pan AM flight victims have said Mr Koussa should face justice and not be treated as guest in London.

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