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Uganda government still dealing with Libya

Uganda is still dealing with Libyan company although UN instructed that Libya’s property be confisicated because of Gaddafi’s stand off.

Uganda government spokesman, Kabakumba Matsiko has said that Uganda government is still engaging Libyan based oil firm Tamoil to finalize the deal where both partners will have to revamp the country’s oil reserves.

The oil reserves located 80 kilometres east of Uganda’s capital Kampala have capacity of over 10 million litres of oil.

They were constructed by former Uganda president Idi Amin in the 70s after Kenya stopped Ugandan oil trucks carrying oil to pass through the country after Amin had threatened to invade it.

Kabakumba Matsiko, said, "the government and Tamoil are having certain challenges hindering the finalization of the deal but soon or later this year the deal will be done and this will see Uganda regain oil reserves as it used to."

The oil reserves became old and started licking 10 years ago leaving the country with no any oil reserve.

Matsiko said, "after the revamp, the country will not face any kinds of fuel shortages which most of the time result into increased prices."