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Uganda: Opposition politicians arrested

Police has blocked the planned walk to walk campaign organized by opposition party leaders arresting over ten politicians.

Among those arrested is the leader of opposition, Dr Kiiza Besigye and Nobert Mao who heads another party called Democratic party (DP).

Other opposition MPs arrested are Mathius Nsubuga, Kenneth Paul Kakande, Muyizi Paul, Nandala Mafabi, Abdur Katunutu, Ingrid Turinawe. Police is yet to define the charges which will be imposed on them.

However police spokeperson Judith Nabakooba said that for Dr Kiiza Besigye, he will be charged with destracting traffic and holding unlawful demonstration,

She said ’’Besigye was walking with a group of supporters when they came across policemen.When the police stopped him to continue he sat in the middle of the rod for a long time which brought traffic to halt.’’

The arrest of Besigye was not all that easy for police to carry out as they involved massive resistance from protestors which prompted police to use tear gas to disperse the angry crowds.

And in Ntinda trading center it was a battle of who wins it all as police tried to block Nobert Mao the leader of democratic party president and his members from proceeding to town where they exchanged bitter words.

Opposition says the arrests show that government has failed to adhere to rule of law.

They accused government for selectively providing attention to things that aim at maintaining it in power and not to those that will improve the common man’s standards.

Some members of the public blame police for orchestrating chaos on grounds that they blocked the opposition politicians who were peacefuly marching to the city.

Opposition politicians last week resolved to start waliking to their places of work on foot with effect from today as a way of protesting high prices of fuel and food.