Libya threatened by the Somalia Syndrome

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Flag of Libya
Flag of Libya

The President of the Libyan supreme authority, Mustafa Abdul Jalil one of the credible personalities of TNC, is threatening to resign, following the Friday’s massive protests, especially in Benghazi.

Attacked by protesters on Saturday, contesting the content of the draft of electoral law, the TNC now held its meetings in a secret location, to avoid any incident. In fact, since the fall of the Gaddafi regime, anyone knows who is the decision maker in Libya , observers agree. The warlords have refused to put away their men and weapons to certainly better negotiate their status in the post-Kaddafi Libya . The protest movement against the TNC grown Thursday and Friday in Benghazi , Libya epicenter of spring, during which “jelatinas” (artisanal bombs), were used against the government’s offices.

The security in the capital Tripoli remains at the center of the new Libyan authorities’ concern and the government has failed to make the revolutionaries complying with the law.

The unsecured Tripoli is partly in the hands of former Islamists having served in Afghanistan and Libyan Berbers particularly targeted during decades by Kaddafi.

The revolutionaries (Thouwar) are requiring more compensation for the wounded persons, more jobs and better salaries.

Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi, demand a faster introduction of Sharia, promised by the president of the CNT. Women’s liberal movement seeking at least 20 seats in the future Chamber of Deputies, double the 10% under the bill. It is precisely this draft of electoral law that set fire to the powder. Critics are also rising on the composition of the electoral college, the number of vacancies for women, the ineligibility of persons having been close to the regime, and the issue of voting residents abroad, for some suspects secularization, for other valuable rebuild the country.

The situation in Libya remains confused and the positive issue is not yet clear.There are still about 8000 prisoners in 60 prisons or detention camps, often improvised, and the hands of local groups, according to the NGO Human Rights. And to corroborate this, the High Committee for Refugees United Nations based in Malta , confirmed the continuing abuses against foreign black skin, suspected of being mercenaries Gaddafi! Summary executions continue, in addition to looting, confiscation of money, phones and objects, and rape.

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