South Africa: A dish way to cook in compliance with Kyoto protocol

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Sun Fire Solutions presents a range on innovative Solar Lighting systems especially suitable to African not easy conditions of life. What is most important is the fact that this South African innovative technology is respectful to what the earth is requiring from its residents in term of attention and protection.

From outside it looks a bit like a satellite but in the reality it has nothing to do with television. This imaginative device is in nature of saving forests, stopping soil erosion and putting a brake to a global warming that remains threatening the human being. Its easy transportability and usage making them ideal as a household lighting system or camping compliment. As it is a solar powered stove can be used to cook, to bake and to fry wherever there is sunlight.

The existence of different types of the parabolic attests the reliability of the South African technology.The parabolic 12 is suitable for cooking for 2-5 people, the 15 is suitable for cooking for a family of 5-10 people while 18 is suitable for schools and such like institutes. Their lifetime exceeds 10 years and it took 20 minutes to assemble. Providing you have shadow you can still cook but it will be a lot slower.

In cloudless conditions you boil a kettle of water in 4-8 minutes. On the parabolic 18 you can cook a 16 saucepan of chicken stew in around 180 minutes. With this system people in Africa’s rural communities will not have to walk kilometres to collect firewood. Their daily conditions of life are getting easier and the non emission of carbon dioxide is heralding a promising future in terms of environmental protection.

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