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Mr. Felix Elia Jumbe, the President of SACAU was elected to the position of Vice President of the Pan-African Farmers’ Organization (PAFO). The elections were held at PAFO’s second General Assembly that was held in Yaoundé, Cameroon from 23rd to 25th of August 2012. The new President is Mr. Bagna Djibo of Niger who represents the Network of Farmers’ and Agricultural Producers’ Organisations of West Africa (ROPPA) took over from Mrs Elizabeth Atangana of Cameroon representing Central African Regional Farmers’ Organization (PROPAC).

The following is the full PAFO executive board for the next two years:
President: Mr. Bagna Djibo (ROPPA)
Vice President: Mr. Felix E. Jumbe (SACAU)
Treasurer: Mr. Phillip Kiriro (EAFF)
Women Representative: Mrs. Elizabeth Atangana (PROPAC)
Youth Representative: Mr. Ahmed Jarallah (UMAGRI)

Among other items, the assembly discussed the PAFO Constitution and Strategic Plan. SACAU delegation at the assembly comprised of representatives from Agricultural Council of Tanzania (ACT), Coalition Paysanne de Madagascar (CPM), National Association of Smallholder Farmers’ in Malawi (NASFAM), Farmers Union of Malawi (FUM), Swaziland National Agricultural Union (SNAU), Lesotho National Farmers’ Union (LENAFU), Seychelles Farmers’ Association (SeyFA) and Zimbabwe Farmers’ Union (ZFU).

Editor’s note:
SACAU: Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions
ROPPA: Network of Farmers’ and Agricultural Producers’ Organisations of West Africa
EAFF: Eastern African Farmers’ Federation
PROPAC: Sub - Regional Platform of Farmers’ Organization and Central Africa
UMAGRI: Maghreb Farmers’ Union


Press releases