Somalia: Sheikh Mohamoud Hassan takes refuge in a bunker

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Mohamoud Sheikh Hassan fled on Wednesday evening at Villa Somalia, a kind of bunker hosting some Somalians institutions and still home to the former head of state, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed. The new President of Somalia on Wednesday escaped a suicide attack by al-Shabab.

It was absolutely necessary to put the new Somalian president safe from danger. Elected Monday as head of Somalia, Sheikh Mohamoud Hassan was the target of an attack on Wednesday orchestrated by the Shebab. It has therefore been forced to take refuge on Wednesday evening at Villa Somalia, bunker hosting a number of institutions of Somalia, where is also the former head of state, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.
“There he will stay with his predecessor Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, he defeated Monday in the second round of voting, until the handover scheduled Sunday, September 16,” said the Colonel Ali AFP Houmed, spokesman of the African Union force (Amisom).

Wednesday, Mohamoud Sheikh Hassan has been targeted by the Shebab. The new Somalian President came out unharmed from the attack which took place in front of his home in Mogadishu hotel. The attack was claimed by the Islamist insurgents who reported being “responsible for the attack against the so-called president,” while warning the Somalian authorities: “Such attacks will continue until Somalia is released, “warned Ali Mohamoud Rage, spokesman for the Islamist insurgents.

Mohamoud Sheikh Hassan, outsider, has created a stir by becoming president of Somalia. This university, aged 56, won by 190 votes against 79 for the outgoing head of state Sharif Sheikh Ahmed favorite yet announced. These are the 270 Somali MPs gathered Monday at the National Police Academy in Mogadishu, who by their vote designated the President of the Republic.

This attack, perpetrated by the Shebab against Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, is a direct consequence of the increased security around the new president. Now he will have to defeat the protections of the Villa Somalia to approach the Head of State.

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