South Africa: Police launch an assault against minors Marikana

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This Saturday, at two o’clock in the morning, at least 500 South African policemen have launched an assault against the places of residence of minors Marikana, still on strike after five weeks of mobilization. They still claim a salary increase to even triple their monthly salary. The proposed increase of EUR 98 Friday morning by Lonmin was rejected.

The South African Police responding to the call of President Jacob Zuma to end the strike. It has been five weeks minors Marikana, Lonmin employees, demonstrating against the security conditions and low wages. Tripartite negotiations between the British society, trade unions and miners, have so far not been successful. Thus, 500 South African policemen have launched this Saturday at two o’clock in the morning, an attack against the residences of striking miners. Besides the 150 soldiers deployed in the region to maintain order.

The South African authorities assume

Since August 10, miners Lonmin, the third largest producer of platinum, are on strike to protest against the security conditions and to demand a wage increase even triple their income from 400 euros to 1200 euros monthly. The offer of the British company, for an increase of EUR 98 was rejected. Minors planned Friday protest in front of the seat of government in Pretoria. This would explain, perhaps, the unexpected intervention of 500 police officers, supported by 150 soldiers against the residences of striking miners.

According to the South African chain information ENCA, the police acted manu-militari “putting everything upside down.” And specify that the police have “several trucks filled with sticks and machetes traditional type,” says

The South African government assumes this onslaught against minors Marikana. “It is necessary to intervene because we have reached a point where we need to make important choices,” told AFP Mac Maharaj, spokesman for the presidency. “If we let this situation develop, the economy will suffer severely,” to justify it.

New clashes between police and strikers

Following the police raid, the miners gathered near the scene of the shooting on June 16 that killed 34 demonstrators killed by the bullets of the security forces.

This has resulted in new clashes between police and miners. “People were afraid. Police fired on innocent people who were simply gather to hear the report (negotiations Friday), we do not know what to do […] or where we gather “denounces Molisi Phele member of the movement the striking miners.

According, the police “used tear gas to the (minor) disperse […] (and) responded (against strikers who had set up barricades with burning tires and rocks) by bullets rubber. ” Clashes that have left several people injured, including two women, according to the agency Sapa.

Reminder balance

For five weeks, 3000 miners employed in British society Lonmin go on strike to protest against the security and demand higher wages. This social conflict took a dramatic turn Thursday, June 16 when South African police opened fire on demonstrators killing 34 strikers. Not to mention the other ten died as a result of inter-union struggles. In total, the social movement minors Marikana has to his credit not less than 44 deaths reported.

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