Tunisia: hundreds of U.S. citizens evacuated from Tunis

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The United States began evacuating their nationals living in Tunis, the Tunisian capital. The U.S. Embassy has been targeted by protesters on Friday opposed the film Innocence Muslims. These anti-American violence have spread across North Africa and several countries in the Arab-Muslim world. We’re talking about twenty countries affected.

The repatriation operation has begun. Following the attack against the U.S. embassy in Tunis, the Tunisian capital, the United States began the repatriation of their non-essential personnel but also their nationals living there. In total, one hundred Americans were repatriated on Sunday on a flight from the Tunisian company Tunisair.

American citizens were evacuated Sunday,” told AFP a diplomatic source. “The boarding took place on Sunday in a special terminal airport Tunis-Carthage, with great discretion, when Salafi activists participated in the funeral of four people killed Friday during a demonstration,” said the Agency French Press.

The U.S. decision was criticized by Tunis. Elyes Fakhfakh, Tunisian Minister of Tourism, the judge Monday that exfiltration of embassy officials at the United States is “a little exaggerated.” Before recognizing the errors of Tunisian police: “There was a reaction that has been mismanaged, the security forces were overwhelmed when it was an event that they could have anticipated.”

To warm relations between the two countries, the U.S. ambassador Jacob Walles was received by the Tunisian Foreign Minister Rafik Abdessalem. The opportunity for him to see the damage to the American school sacked on Friday by demonstrators. A building should be rebuilt by Tunisia by its reopening on September 21.

These events in Tunisia have also caused a dozen injured. These anti-American violence would, for the time won twenty Arab and Muslim countries in the world.

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