Shanghai Shenhua: Didier Drogba, two weeks and then goes away?

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On total Disagreement with the other shareholders of Shanghai Shenhua the wealthy chairman has issued an ultimatum to his associates that they should respect their commitments to Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka, otherwise he might withdraw himself. A decision that would seriously disturb the financial stability of the Chineese club and the future of the formers strikers of chelsea

_ The situation is delicate between Zhu Jun and the other shareholders of Shanghai Shenhua. Arrived at the club in 2007, the president and patron of the club still claims a majority stake (70% ). the Chinese leader has.launched an ultimatum to the other members of the club. It gives them 15 days to comply with this commitment otherwise it will no longer contribute to the life of the team he will only match its actions before going to court.

“I made the difficult decision to believe you again, but this is the last time And this time, I set a deadline: two weeks,” posted the wealthy businessman on his Twitter account. Disengagement or even a decline in financial support of leader who have consequences within a team who has to bear the massive salaries of Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka, whose salaries are more than one million euro each month. A financial matter impossible to cover by the other party without the input of s the wealthy Jun.

Sufficent to say that the withdrawal of the Chinese leader would almost inevitably bring up a departure of the “Ivory Coast international, who would not be paid. According to a source whose name has not been revealed by the Shanghai Youth Daily,” if this problem is not resolved by October, Zhu Jun will go to justice. If the question of salary Drogba is not resolved, it may have to buy a plane ticket to go home. ” Didier Drogba could therefore already live his last days in China, after only seven games … Unless he agrees to a huge sacrifice at his salary. after all , did he not say he chose Shanghai Shenua primarily for “sporting challenge”?*

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