When Kader Keita slips and attacks a reporter

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going to celebrate the victory of the Côte d’Ivoire Senegal (4-2) in the first leg of the final qualifying round of the AFCAN 2013, in a nightclub in Abidjan, Kader Keita slipped. The Elephant, which is now moving to Al Sadd Doha, Qatar, has found nothing better than to settle accounts with the editor of the famous Ivorian magazine “Prestige”. The Ivorian striker administered several blows to the reporter, who have decided to bring the case to court.

The Ivorian Striker Keita has shown once again his anger. Out with friends to celebrate the success against senegal, Kader Keita beat a journalist. The editor in chief of the ivorian people magazine ‘prestige”

“When I went into the box, I noticed that he was staring me. His attitude has also been noted by several people present, including the friend who came with me. according to his attitude, I approached him to shake hands. I wanted to say hello. When I have therefore reached out, he jumped on me to deliver a slap, “lamented the journalist b ” Then, the time to realize what was happening, I received other punches . A gesture that immediately caused the dissatisfaction of some members of his entourage who moved me away from the table, and expressed their regret . shortly after I emerged from the night club to return to my home. ”

Suspicions of extramarital relation

Accoding to the player’s entourage , a matter were between the two men after publication in the magazine of an alleged ” extra marital relation of the former Lille and Lyon player”. . “The truth is that Vergès, who attends the same church as the wife of Kader wrote false allegation about the couple according to Kader :” Guillaume Vergès wants to destroy his home”. explain a close of the player to Abidjan.net. The editor in chief on the magazine “prestige” has decided to bring the case to court.

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