John Teelwa, the Kenyan who wants to kiss a million of women

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John Telwa is a kenyan of 28 years. He has decided to embrace one million women to be included in the record books. A crazy idea but he takes it very seriously. The young man has already filed his lips to those of 675 women.

The Kissing Bandit, this is the nickname that Teelwa John has choosed . The kenyian graphic of 28 years aims to be the first man on earth to embrace a million of women. He wants to actually be part of the record books and he is still given three years to reach his goal. For the moment, he has already filed his lips to those of 675 women.

How did he get that crazy idea? All began with a bet with friends. “After kissing a girl, I posted the photos on Facebook. I received so many responses from people who have asked me if she was my girlfriend, I decided to put another picture of me kissing another girl, “he told to RNWradio. Then the young man has “continued to publish more photos with more girls. I started to receive feedback on what I was doing, from Europe, Australia, Asia and America. This is where I got the idea of ​​embracing the much women as possible around the world. ”

The Kenyia’ns Facebook page is buzzing. Once we get there, we see several hundred photos of him, kissing women. Sometimes on the lips and sometimes on the cheek. And to achieve its goal, John Teelwa planned to address all the women he will meet, accross the street, supermarkets, shopping hall. He will explain at first his mission. Then they will be free to accept it or not. Even if they are accompanied by their husband or boyfriend, that it is equal. He will still triy to place his lips on their own, if they allow it. The young man believes that it is up to them to accept or reject the proposal, not men. However, they must be at least 16 years of age, he says.

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