John Obi Michael receives racist insults on his twitter account

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Guilty of a mistake which leads to equalization of Juventus (2-2) Wednesday night at the first day of the group stage of the Champions League, John Obi Mikel tried to apologize his mistake in the press and on his Twitter account. It was then that the international nigerain was on the social network that has been the target of several racial slurs to the point he had to close his account in the process. His club Chelsea planned to punish the perpetrators of these messages .

Stupidity and hatred have definitely no limit and they come again to be illustrated on John Obi Michael. Victim of racist messages from his misjudgment that led equalization to Juventus (2-2) in the Champions League, the midfielder Chelsea was forced to close his Twitter account (@ Mikel12Official , ed.) Reaction completely incomprehensible while the player was connected to apologize after his mistake.

“If I wanted to find excuses, I could. But for me, I missed the ball. I plead guilty, we move on. I’m sorry for the mistake. There is no apology, “had already deplored the Super Eagle, as a mea culpa, in comments relayed by L’Equipe. Excuses that have clearly not been up to the disappointment of some pseudo Chelsea supporters, who responded by uttering profanity and racist character messages.

Chelsea: “The tweets unacceptable, disgusting and abhorrent”

A reaction, that it is completely wrong, and especially illogical and disproportionate to the. This was the first game of the two teams in the group stage of the competition, so there was no knockout, and most importantly, the Blues have not lost and still keep intact their chances of qualifying for trying to defend their European crown gained last season against the Bayern Munich.

Especially all this hatred spilled touches a player who had previously been exemplary in its training investment with London, that is Why the club decided to take the matter in hand to find the perpetrators of these messages. “We were made aware of the racist tweets against Mikel, who are totally unacceptable, disgusting and hateful. We informed the police and we decided to take the heaviest measures,” Chelsea said in a statement on its website . If these users want to be heard, this is done in any case. Remains to be seen whether they will be as explicit in their statements when they are going to be found and could not hide behind their screens and nicks.

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