Central Africa Republic celebrate 50th Anniversary of Intellectual Property right

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The national structure of the intellectual property right celebrates its 50th anniversary in collaboration with the week of the intellectual property right in Bangui. This even was led by the director of OAPI in Central African Republic Aristide Kpénga

_Several activities have been put in place within this framework in order to celebrate this event. Conferences and debate have been held in honour of the occasion and was cheered by Aristide Kpénga at the sport complex room on September 26, 2012. At the beginning of the event, the Central Africa Republic minister of trade and industry Moulium Roosalem during a discussion presented some of the threats of the intellectual property right in Central Africa Republic .He also talk on some of the stakes of the revitalization of the OAPI structure which has as role to protect creation and invention in central Africa republic.

_An open door-day campaign was organized by the director of OAPI of central Africa Republic at its headquarters so as to create awareness on the services offered by the organization. This campaign will enable the public to be informed on the various activities and opportunity offered by this organization.

The discussion panel organized gave Aristide Kpénga the opportunity to revisit the activities of his institution ever since the rehabilitation of the organization. The organization is still working on some of its achievement like for example the information and sensitization campaign of intellectual property right in Bangui and in other provinces .The training campaign of some sectors and the institutionalization of the national invention exhibition salon and technology invention. Furthermore the establishment of the National Committee on Geographical Indications responsible for identifying products (natural, agricultural, industrial, crafts …) and local specific characteristics due to natural and human factors .this will enable them to promote themselves and to develop national plan for the development of intellectual property courses with technical assistance from WIPO.
As from 2004 to date, the OAPI in Central Africa Republic has recorded in terms of domestic deposits: 11 patents, 4 models used 6 marks, 2 industrial design drawings, and 142 non-commercial .Ultimately, researchers, artists, inventors Central take this as a means to truly take advantage of their works once they are faced with piracy and other kind of fraud.

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