The Somali National Army take hold of kasmayo

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The Somali National Army and the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) now holds the port of the city of kasmayo, day after they pushed Al Qaeda-allied militants from the southern Somali town of Canjeel.

They kenyan and somali forces now control the north part of the old city of kasmayo and want to consolidate the area before moving to the south where the Islamic military groups are based. The joint forces have secured places in towns and centre on the road between Afmadow and Kismayo. The Al Shabaab militant have put up a resistance in Janaa Cabdalla, but the AMISOM and Somali troops conquered them and move on. Reports says an air hit was launched against the group on Saturday, the Kenya Defense Forces inflicted a massive destruction on Al-Shabaab’s infrastructure, using jets and helicopter gunships to destroy three of the group’s bases. Care and vigilance has been used to avoid collateral damage.

Since yesterday and part of today severe wounded persons have been recorded in the area but the Al-Shabaab group has not been able to show any form of resistance on the ground forces since the landed there. The Sector Commander has urged the international community and humanitarian agencies to accelerate the provision of humanitarian assistance needed by the population in liberated areas.Their main aimed is to facilitate any effort that will relieve the suffering of the Somali people.

In relation to the Al-Shabaab’s group, the Kenyan military is waging a losing battle in Kismayo. It said mujahedeen forces, ambushed Kenyan troops found in the west of part of Kismayo have destroyed three vehicles and killed dozens of troops in a two-hour battle. According to Mohamud Farah one of Somali government forces 450 troops has been sent to patrol the town and settle the police headquarters.

Al-Shabab announced it had shut its five-year administration in Kismayo on Saturday for strategic grounds.Kenya’s military makes up majority of the troops in the African Union against the Al-Shabaab to send them out of Somalia, where the group has long tried to overthrow the government. Al-Shabaab has suffered setbacks in the fight, including losing control of much of the capital Mogadishu last year.

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