General Dogbo Blé Brunot risks a life imprisonment

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General Dogbo Blé Brunot, the former head of the Ivorian Republic Guard, under the regime of Laurent Gbagbo, faces trial on October 2 in Abidjan, the capital of Ivory Coast for the genocide, murder, kidnapping and endangering the security of the state during the post-election crisis.

Failure to respond to these crimes before the International Criminal Court (ICC), General Dogbo Blé Brunot would be judged by the Ivorian military court. These charges pressed against the former head of the Ivorian Guard, could lead him to a life imprisonment sentenced.

The Ivorian court criticized Brunot Dogbo for the killing of pro-Ouattara soldiers, including the murder of Colonel Staff Dosso in March 2011. According to a judicial source, two soldiers acknowledged today the event at the Golf hotel that of the assassination of former pilot Félix Houphouët-Boigny master minded by General Dogbo Blé.

For over two years now Michel Gbagbo son of Laurent Gbagbo has been on detention in Bouna, in the north-eastern Ivory Coast, making it over 532 days away from his wife, children and mother. Speaking to Afrik-News His lawyer Habiba Toure denounces an arbitrary detention saying that no judicial calendar has been set up by the Ivorian court which is unfortunately subjected to the political power.

The investigation continues…

The Commandor Anselme Séka Yapo, former body guard of Simone Gbagbo, was charged on September 13 by the Abidjan prosecutor for crimes committed during the post-election violence. The National Press Council, on September 12 suspended six newspapers supporters of former Ivorian President for posting photos of Laurent Gbagbo and his family imprisoned.

The arrests of the various leaders of the regime of former Ivorian head of state began in the recent months. Laurent Akoun, secretary general of the Ivorian Popular Front (FPI), the party of Laurent Gbagbo, was arrested on Aug 26 by the Ivorian authorities near Abidjan. The spokesman for the former president Justin Kone Katina on the other hand was arrested September 25 in Ghana and placed in custody.

A part from war crimes committed between November 2010 and April 2011, the former head of the Ivorian Republic Guard is also accused of several cases of disappearance. Moreover the pro-Gbagbo carried out investigation report on post-election violence, published on August 8, holding them responsible for the death of 1,452 people against 727 for the pro-Ouattara. Upon coming to power in May 2011, President Ouattara promised that all those responsible for crimes will be brought to justice. The Ivorian justice in cooperation with the police is set to prosecute former officials and relatives of the former Head of State Laurent Gbagbo causing several arrests.

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