Amnesty report cases of civilian abuse in south sudan

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The Internayional Amnesty says, the Souths sudan’s security forces have carried out act of violence against civilains,including killing and raping

This act is reported to have taken place during a disarmament campaign in the eastern Jonglei state. In a researche conducted by Amnesty,the scores of people in the regions involved in widespread torture and abuse against civilians and children as young are as 18 months old.The security forces burgle their propertes and destroy their crops and the present danger is that the suspected abuse could stimulate anger and a new round of conflict could be experience.

According to Audrey Gaughran, Amnesty’s Africa director, instead of bringing security in the region, the SPLA (south sudan army)and the police forces have committed shocking human right violation. However in March in response to ethnic clashes in Jonglei in which hundreds of people were killed, the government launched Operation had Restore Peace in the region.

According to the South Sudan’s Information Minister Barnaba Mariel Benjamin any abuse was isolated and was being handled by the government because the disarmament programme is being done side by side with the presence of the UN peacekeeping forces. He also declears to the BBC that saying that there is a widespread abuses he thinks it is not true and he is accusing Amnesty of being unjust by not asking the government for its comment before publishing the report.

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