Floods kills thousands of people in Nigeria

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A heavy downpour causing devastating floods has taken place these recent weeks in Nigeria killing dozen and has displaced thousands of residents .

The floods have caused the dead of 148 people and have rendered many others homeless forcing them to take refuge into temporary camps. Snakes, crocodiles and hippos have been shifted into people’s homes, ending them homeless. The floods have affected a series of states, including Bayelsa and Benue.

Tam Alazigha the chief economic adviser for the state says that in Bayelsa state for example the terrain has deepened due to the effects of the torrent. The swamp is sea water mixed with fresh water because they are close to rivers and the Atlantic Ocean. More rain is predicted to pour and authorities are evacuating residents to seek refuge in shelters that have been set up for them in higher grounds.

In the state of Benue for example, more than 25, 000 people were displaced after a local river overflowed; the National Emergency Management Agency said Nigeria’s rainy season occurs between May and October which are usually torrential rains. Last month, authorities urged residents living along River Niger to move to higher ground. The floods mostly occur in rural areas, where drainage is inadequate . The evacuation order had affected the states of Niger, Kogi, Kwara, Kebbi, Anambra and Delta.

State officials are working to improve on the drainage around the full Rivers, their main goal is to help settle the displaced people and improve on the drainage. They are therefore hoping that when the drainage gets better and the waters subside, more resources will be deployed to see how much serving can be done because it is very challenging situation. According to them much help is needed from those agencies that are out to usually help out in situations like these.

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