Police officers in Kenya injured following a grenade attack

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At least 10 police officers have been badly wounded following a grenade attack, while officers were searching a house in Coast state near Mombasa, where they found weapons including an AK-47 rifle and two grenades in early hours of Wednesday.

According to a police spokesman,Somalia-based Islamists al-Shabab may have been behind the incident. Since over the past year suspected al-Shabab supporters have carried out a number of attacks in the Coast region know as a popular tourist destination. Aggrey Adoli, the head of police for the Coast province, through an interview carried out by Reuters that policemen had gone to a house in the Likoni area of the south coast after they had received information that it contained dangerous arms. He explains that when policemen knocked on the door of the house; two grenades were thrown at them as the occupants of the house opened fire.

Four policemen were critically injured following the incident and three suspects were killed in the exchange. Suspected al-Shabab supporters have carried out a number of attacks over the past year in the Coast region, a popular tourist destination. Since October 2011, Kenyan troops have been fighting against the group alongside their Somali counterparts under the banner of African Union forces.

The east African nation has been hit by a series of grenade and gun attacks since last year when it sent troops into Somalia last October in pursuit of Islamist al-Shabaab militants responsible for kidnapping Kenyan security personnel and Western tourists. The Kenyan troops and their Somali rival , who are fighting under the banner of African Union forces in Somalia, took the last stronghold of al-Shabaab rebels, in the southern port of Kismayu, at the end of last month.

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