Deadly attack in Ivory Coast : A Liberian has been arrested

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A Liberian accused of organising a deadly attack on UN peacekeepers in Ivory Coast has been arrested in northern Liberia, officials said on Thursday.

Bobby Shappy Julu was arrested by the Police on Monday to Tuesday night. Information Minister Lewis Brown told AFP that the Accused is presently at the police custody undergoing preliminary investigations. He was arrested in the northern town of Ganta, near the Ivory Coast border, and then transferred to the capital Monrovia, the information minister said. Julu was one of 10 people declared wanted by the Liberian government after a surprise attack occur in June along the Ivory Coast border leaving 18 people dead, including seven United Nations peacekeepers from Niger. Bobby Shappy is considered to be the principal brain of the group which orgainised the attack. According to a police sources his arrest is a very significant one.

The latest arrest came as Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was scheduled to make a visit on Thursday to Ivory Coast. In July, Liberia announced it had arrested three people in connection with the border attack, which authorities in Ivory Coast said had been carried out by invaders who came from Liberia. Two other suspects have turned themselves in and another was arrested last month.

The UN report says that Ivory Coast has been hit by a wave of attacks on its army and police. The incident which has caused insecurity in Ivory Coast part is launched from Liberia, and is a threat to both countries. On September 17, the UN Security Council called on the two neighbours to assist more on patrolling their joint frontier to stop rebels from taking refuge across the border. The idea was to help stop such attack amongst the two countries. The government of the formal president of Ivory Coast lassane Ouattara’s has ask for the extradition of six Ivorian civilians arrested in Liberia after an August 13 attack on an army base in the town of Pekambly, near the border.

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