Several arrests in the army headquarters following an attack

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Several arrests have been made following the attack of the army headquarters on Monday by the supporting transitional government forces including the elements of the independence movement in Casamance (Senegal).

Twenty people have been arrested in several districts of Bissau and forcefully taken to the forces headquarters of Guinea-Bissau by loyalists. The brain behind the attack, Captain Pançao N’Tchama is on run and arrest have of soldiers closed to Captain Pansau N’Tchama have continue. According to a security sources, current and former soldiers close to the regime of Carlos Junior Gomez have been arrested. Among those arrested include, a movement fighters of Democratic Forces of Casamance (MFDC), a rebel movement seeking of independence for the province of Casamance in southern Senegal. Security source also say that other civilians were taken prisoner while the regular army is still seeking for hide weapons which they have not yet found.

The revelations of the transitional government
In a statement to RFI, Faustino Embali, Minister of Guinea-Bissau Foreign Affairs says People have been captured and they have started talking. According to him they will like to capture Pansau N’Tchama when they will have more information on the agents of this process, because it was he who commanded the operation. He also says that Pansau left here in 2009, with a training grant. After training, he applied for political asylum in Lisbon. He says it is strange to that with a political asylum; he can organize a rebellion against Guinea-Bissau.
Borders Closed

On Monday, the transitional authorities have officially declared the closure of borders with Senegal and Guinea Conakry. This new measure taken by the authorities of Guinea-Bissau is to prevent some fugitives to cross into neighboring countries. Several suspicions have a raise concerning some Lusophone countries due to the young captain Pansau N’Tchama attack. The latter is considered close to former Prime Minister Carlos Gomes Junior, who could finance the attack together with the former senior officers like Admiral José Zamora Induta, who is former Chief of Staff armed forces under Carlos Gomes Junior. Their goal, according to a statement, is “to bring back former drug traffickers to head of a former prime minister.” These former authorities indirectly named concerning the attack have not yet responded to the charges label against them.

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