Obama: Another family portrait!

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Obama’s family celebrating is second mandate in Kenya.

At the Obama family’s ancestral village, Kogelo in the north of Kenya, the villagers stayed up till dawn watching the US’ 2012 elections and celebrating the 44th president of the of the US, a Kenyan grandson re-elected to another four-year at the white house, I name Barak Obama!
Though far from Chicago’s stage, the president Kenyan’s family stood up for his victory; Obama’s 91 years old of age step-grandmother, Sarah Obama and Mustapha Obama the president half-brother among many others closed who represented the president family in Africa, joined the euphoric dancing and singing crowd.

Kogelo has much changed since the 2008’ election of Barak Obama; the popularity of the first black president at Washington’s white house has lead to Kenyan’s tourist office inclusion of Kogelo into Kenyan’s cartography and infrastructures development such as roads and electricity… As said the half-brother of the president, the village also has a grand hotel and the best is yet to come! Mr President, will you double the stakes?
However, some of the villagers deplore the lack of the US president’s implication in the development of Kogelo or Kenya generally speaking, hoping for this second and last mandate will allow him greater room for manoeuvre and why not a way back to the roots.

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