South Africa: 40 years sentence, the heavy price for a rhinoceros’ horn trader!

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Johannesburg’s court sentenced a rhino poacher to 40 years in prison; a heavy price to pay that might have a symbolic and discouraging impact for environmental conservation.

The Thai national, Chumlong Lemtongthai, was in command of an important rhinoceros’ horn traffic’s network in favour of the Asian empirical medicine and economical benefits.

He was found guilty by Johannesburg’s court of illegal license hunting detention and horns exportation, about 26 rhinoceros horns, toward the Asian black market, according to The Star newspaper.

The south African Minister of the Environment as for the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) South Africa coordinator of the country, Dr Jo Shaw, are highly satisfied by guilty verdict, seen as heavy symbol sent to the poachers.

Nonetheless, the WWF representing finds regrettable none of the five codefendants, of whom three south African and two Asian , were charged for poaching.

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