INNOVEOX gets Charles Rosier as new Partner and TOTAL EP as first client

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In July 2011, Afrik-News announced the launch of a new, innovative company whose patented anti-pollution process – through Supercritical Hydrothermal Oxidation – promised a new beginning for Africa. The particularly relevant invention comes at a time when African countries are confronted with industrial pollution as a result of the ongoing development process. Two years on, Charles Rosier, a well-known banker and investor, has been placed at the helm of affairs as the company’s CEO. The adventure has only started.

Two years ago, Innoveox, a French company, introduced a revolutionary technology directed towards the treatment of waste pollution. Operating under worldwide exclusivity, Innoveox – a specialist company in the area of industrial and community waste – focuses its technological efforts towards sustainable development. Afrik-News has been following the company’s development since July, 2011.

Charles Rosier, the new incomer at Innoveox

Two years on, the growth of the company is relying on a significant incomer. Charles Rosier, banker and former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, currently partner in the first private bank in Brazil, will be joining as an Administrator and a partner the new company Innoveox SA and its President Jean-Christophe Lépine. He is an expert in new technologies and biotech, indeed he previously invested in the studies of professor Beaulieu in the area of tetraplegy. He is in favour of investment in “ethical” and responsible companies.

He would like to provide his contacts and know-how to Inneveox, thinking that the future of the planet goes hand in hand with sustainable development. Charles Rosier travels around the world representing the Brazilian bank and noticing in several continents, the applications and the advantages of this new French technology that recycles in Fresh water 100% of dangerous liquid waste, without pollution while providing positive energy.

Multiplying contacts with potential clients

His task is to actively participate to the development of new contacts with important oil corporations that have to strictly comply with the new environmental requirements.
Charles Rosier states that Presidents of these corporations are aware of the importance of sustainable development even though it takes time to put forward this evolution at the industrial scale.

Total EP first client

A first contract has been signed with the company Total Exploration and production, one of the main actors of oil exploration in the world. This first contract is a milestone for Innoveox entry in this promising market.

Charles Rosier put forward the fact that this revolutionary technology will enable those involved in oil, refining, chemistry and pharmaceuticals to be more profitable while avoiding potential risks for the environment that will harm their reputation and their shareholders. Finance despises this kind of risk and that explains the changing of behaviour.

A move forward for growing zones, Africa, Brazil…

While industrialized countries are interested in this technological breakthrough, it is likely that less developed countries that are young and dynamic, such as African and South American countries, will be more reactive to adopt this new technological process.

But it remains a political deal! The market of dangerous waste is huge, estimated at 9 Md EUR per year…30 billions tonnes of complex and nuclear waste are stored in the Russian soil without being properly treated.

Charles Rosier is convinced that the patents of the CNRS exploited by Innoveox will contribute to the cleaning of an area that is not mature yet; he considers that several developments, based on the Supercritical Hydrothermal Oxydation, are ongoing for the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. He says: “With all humility, I am glad to contribute to the ecological mutation”

We still have to convert and convince corporations and regional communities in setting up at a large scale those innovating materials. It shouldn’t be difficult. Innovation will soon be concrete in the interest of the planet.

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