Sports Betting in Africa Debunked

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Many assume Africa is a continent delayed in the field of technology. Some have even assumed that wildlife is in every resident’s backyard. The truth behind this topic is that Africa is one of the hottest tourist destinations making certain countries within Africa more advanced than one could ever imagine.

Unfortunately not all African countries have developed ahead of current times, but one thing is certain, the majority of African countries have access to Wi-Fi so if sports betting is your favourite pastime, you may not be able to access land based sports betting halls but you will have access to at least one sports betting website online.

Since the recent introduction of online sports betting, many countries have adopted the popular form of wagering on popular sports online. Not every country has been legally permitted to do so however and this has led to numerous illegal establishments being developed both online and offline in terms of underground land based establishments. If you do visit South Africa however, you will find there have been recent developments within the online gambling industry which have introduced sports books as a gambling alternative for avid sporting fans.

Popular Sports Betting Events

One of the biggest sporting events to generate the most online traffic to sports betting bookies is soccer. Soccer events generate the most traction and during season, online punters have been known to be actively involved in bets with in-play options.

Current Online Sports Betting In Africa

According to reliable sources, online sports betting in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa has been projected to be over $37 billion and this was a statistic from last year 2018. The multi-million dollar industry is now being fuelled by mobile platforms encouraging users to access their favourite sports online while making bets. The majority of internet users in Africa are mobile users, which has had a rather conflicted effect on the people of the nation as mobile service providers have taken advantage and charge excessive rates for data and cellular services across Africa.

Regardless, both mobile and land based sports betting establishments have thrived over the recent years and the current situation is just looking promising for the government, it is incredibly lucrative.

Leading Sports in Online Sports Betting Africa

As online sports betting is one of the most popular forms of betting in Africa it is a common question, usually asked amongst foreigners, where the money lies and what the most popular sports are to bet on. As mentioned above, soccer is by far one of the most popular sports to wager on, thereafter it is rugby, horseracing and golf.

Although Africa holds an unexpected market for the world of online sports betting, the continent’s online gambling market is growing at an expedient rate and times are keeping up with the trends. You may not find lions in some resident’s backyard but you could potentially find a rugby or soccer field. African citizens love their sports more than Americans love their barbeques!

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