Coronavirus in Africa – What to Do During the Lockdown

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The COVID-19 Virus is also present in Africa and the WHO urges this issue to be taken seriously. All around the world governments have put a lot of restrictions to minimize the spreading of the virus. Some of the measures include social distancing, self-isolations, and limits on social gatherings.

But there have been more serious bans that have closed schools and businesses across the world and also in countries like Zambia, South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria among others. With this being said, it is still our responsibility as individuals to obey these rules and regulations. In this article, you can read more about different ways you can cope with this situation.

Stay Safe

It’s of paramount impotence to stay home and stay safe. If you can work remotely talk with your boss about your options to work from home. However, there are cases where people still have to go to work. In these cases, have hand sanitizers at all times with you and try to keep your distance and avoid close contact with people. This is particularly applicable when you go shopping for groceries, for example. Also, if possible, avoid taking the bus to work and avoid any crowded areas when you’re outside.

Have Fun at Home

In case you’re one of the lucky people that can stay at home, try to incorporate a healthy routine in your day to day life. Equally important, for your mental health is to have fun. Playing games is one way to de-stress, which also burdens your immune system and rediscover your favorite online games. It’s no wonder that during this period video games are being played at record levels.

Fortunately, you have lots of choices that will keep you occupied. From playing board games online, action games to casino games. There are many reputable online casino sites that offer great Welcome Bonus Packages for new players, ongoing Promotions, a wide selection of casino games and other perks for their players.

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Boost Your Immune System

Now it is important to keep yourself healthy and strong. Therefore, we recommend for you to eat healthier meals, drink a lot of water and take your vitamins regularly. Your immune system is also affected by your mental health, so try to be calm and stay away from stressful situations. It’s also a good idea to exercise (any workout will do) as you will lower your anxiety levels and stress hormones in your body.


In these new circumstances, everyone plays a valuable part in keeping the situation from escalating and causing more harm to our society. This is why we need to follow the protective measures against the COVID-19 virus. It should also be noted that if you have a fever, difficulty breathing and cough, please seek medical attention immediately.

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