Discovering Africa from its Coast Line

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Sea landscape
Sea landscape

Road trips are a great way to discover a region, but boat trips are even better, especially when you expect to cover great distances, like the coastline of Africa. It enables you to not only discover the main coastal towns but the islands around it as well. Here are some of the islands you should plan to see on your next visit to Africa by boat, on the East Coast.

Life on a luxury yacht

The last decade has seen a large increase in luxury super yacht tours. Every summer, you can find them close to coastlines, all around the world, cruising and stopping at various ports. The experience is unique for it gives a completely new perspective to the territories that you discover. Yacht owners cannot stop talking about their latest discoveries as life at sea is much different than on land.

Nowadays, it is easier to find the manpower needed on a yacht. From deck jobs (like a captain) to engineers and interior jobs (stewardess and others), a boat owner can address all its needs through a yacht crew agency. They can handle all the recruitment and do so in many different countries. Therefore, if you have an urgent need, they can have someone ready to come onboard at the next port the yacht is heading to.

The Seychelles islands

Lying in the middle of the Indian Ocean, less than a thousand miles from the coast of Africa, Seychelles are a must-see for everyone travelling by boat. The discovery of its flora and fauna will leave anyone breathless. There are 11 species of birds, unique to the area, as well as 200 species of fish and other aquatic life, including the giant tortoises.


Farther to the South, the island of Madagascar is the perfect place to take a swim or to go diving in its crystalline waters. Located 250 miles of the Eastern coast, its unbroken coral reef the largest one in the world, will please even the most experienced divers. When on land, visitors can discover the wildlife of the island and various tribal cultures of its people.

Mauritius and La Réunion

Here, snorkelling and diving are again one of the main attractions with their pristine coral reefs. A largely volcanic land awaits you with luxurious forests. While on the island of Mauritius, you’ll need to try some of the rum being distilled on one of the Island properties. Just be aware that there are a few sharks swimming around La Réunion…

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